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Ganbaro Digital Ltd is a software development and quality assurance practice based in the UK.

I can:

  • spec, design, develop and/or deliver API-based back-office systems (in PHP or NodeJS + Typescript), and the platforms they sit on (Docker containers on Kubernetes)
  • provide coding standards, code reviews, automated software testing and SQUaRE-based quality assurance reports
  • provide consulting and training for software development workflows, quality assurance, methodologies and practices

I'm Stuart Herbert, and I've got a quarter of a century of experience working across academia, startups, enterprises and government projects going all the way back to the pre-web industry.

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Whether you're creating new software, or need someone to look at your existing software, Ganbaro Digital can help.

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Software Design and Development

I specialise in designing and writing web-based software that's rock-solid and dependable, well-tested and easy to maintain for the future.

Whether you're building something new, or you've already got something that needs improving or extending, I can help.

I've got over 25 years of experience designing, building, and fixing software, across all sorts of businesses and organisations. I've worked on everything from 50 man+ corporate and government programmes all the way down to small bootstrapped startups. I haven't seen everything, but I have seen a lot, and I bring that experience to every engagement.

My passion is for building software that works. Software that's robust, correct, and as close to "right first time" as possible given your time and budget contraints.

That's why I use PHP or NodeJS with Typescript for web-based applications, and Golang for creating portable command-line tools. They're mature tech that's well-proven for those applications.

I don't just build software: I design it too. I can work with your business people to turn their ideas into written business requirements that are structured for delivery. I can work with your product people to turn their requirements into a technical architecture for your web-based application. I can also help you adapt your existing design for better performance, better reliability, and to scale up with your business growth.

And if you need a little bit of help to take the Docker containers your developers use on their laptops and get them running in production, I can help you get up and running with Kubernetes and K3S.

Software Quality Assurance

I'm not your ordinary QA person.

I bring all that experience of software engineering, all that experience of building teams and organisations, and a laser-like focus on making sure that any web-based application serves the needs of the customer as well as the needs of the business.

There's a lot more to software quality than just software testing. And, it has to be said, it's a balancing act. Software quality is an investment. There's no "one trick". There's no silver bullet that miraculously delivers great quality. It takes a layered approach across commercial and technical teams, and it takes time and committment from everyone involved.

I can come in and help you put a quality assurance strategy in place. That might be a full review of your approach, or simply looking at individual aspects like your code reviews, unit testing, system testing and acceptance testing.

I can help you write software coding standards that actually prevent bugs, tailored to the systems you build and the programming languages you build them in.

I can come in and do a quality audit for you, against the ISO/IEC 25000 quality standards framework. I can also act as an external code reviewer, acting as an experienced pair of extra eyes to help ensure that you're shipping features not problems.

And yes, I can write software tests for you, if that's what you need. I can build user-acceptance tests for APIs and websites, and I can build more detailed system-level tests that'll catch problems in your databases too.

Consulting & Training

As well as helping you deliver your project or product, I can help you change the way you work together.

If there's one thing that my experience to date has taught me, it's that great teams are a better path to success than the Great Man narrative. Teams aren't built through luck: they're built through an investment in their training and education.

There's three phases of education: instruction, coaching, and collaboration, and I can help you with all three. Well, on the software engineering side at any rate. Briggs-Meyers and that side of things, I leave to other people :)

So how can I help?

I'm the maintainer of the Gitflow extension for Git. It makes Git much easier to use, and isolates individual pieces of work so that your team isn't constantly blocking each other. I can train your team in what it is, how to use it, and why it's a great way to collaborate together.

I'm a highly-experienced public speaker, and I've written and presented technical and strategic talks on a wide-range of software engineering topics over the course of my career. I can write and present a talk to order, either just for you and your team, or to help promote your product to other developers.

I can also provide regular 1:1 mentoring, both technical and leadership / managerial.

And if you're looking for help with something that I haven't covered so far, it's always worth a chat, because I can probably help you in some way or other.

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Ganbaro Digital Ltd

Ganbaro Digital Ltd is led by Stuart Herbert.

Over the last quarter of a century, Stuart has worked inside startups, enterprises and government. Along the way, he's done most jobs from de facto CTO downwards. He hasn't seen everything, but he has seen a lot, and he brings that wealth of experience to every project and engagement.

Stuart has been contributing to open-source since 1994, and is currently the maintainer of the Gitflow extension for Git, the inventer / maintainer of Storyplayer, and the founder of the SafelyTyped movement.

He's a regular speaker at conferences and user-groups. You can find videos of his recent talks over on our YouTube channel.

Youstina Boules

Business analyst at a client.

I worked with Stuart on a workflow tool run on an AI engine as a product owner. Stuart was a sub-contracted lead architect and developer. We worked on the project specifications for development and delivery. Stuart prepared very thorough documents for the technical specifications from a simple workflow that I drew up to him as well as integration requirements that supports these workflows. I was able to use these documents with existing and potential clients as an overview for development plans.

Stuart is helpful and did more than what I expected from a technology partner. He brings his experience to the planning of the project; he advises on the bigger picture of the delivery outcome. He also defines the little details that can be blockers to the development while providing alternatives. Being in constant communications with Stuart has moved things faster for the project and for our clients as we always had the information needed a step or two ahead of time. Stuart takes the time to explain the logic of what is being done and never refused an ask from us without providing better options.

The project required a technical partner with deep understanding of the operations and regulations in financial institutions. In all events, Stuart asked the right questions and pointed out any areas that needed further investigations to comply with these regulations and optimize operations. Stuart takes timelines and tasks seriously, always he reminded me of missed requirements to keep the project on track. He was readily available to communicate either to us or to our clients to speed the project up.

Stuart has immense experience in role-based functionalities and task management software. Stuart stands out as one of the best technical partners for developing SAaS for his ease of communications and smoothness to work with. I recommend working with Stuart no matter the number or background of stake holders involved. He is able to provide the knowledge in very effective ways for everyone to make sound decisions on. As a product owner, I learnt a lot about the product capabilities and potential functionalities from Stuart. It is always good to have someone with his experience not just building a product for you, but available for conceptualizing further.

Andy Mulhern

Technical Delivery Manager at a client

I've worked with Stuart for just under a year now and I can safely say it's been a real pleasure. Not only is he an excellent contributor to the team as a whole but his expertise in delivering solutions using PHP and all of the associated architecture was invaluable to our ability to deliver successfully for the customer.

As well as his team and technical contributions, Stuart is also a good driver for the mood of the team. He is unfailingly positive, probably because he's seen it all before and was confident that he could find a solution for pretty much anything we were likely to run into. And he was right.

I'd be happy to work with Stuart again in future, in fact if I were to do the same kind of work again, Stuart would be one of the first on the list of people I would want on the team.

Dave Kirk

Interim CTO at a client.

I've worked with Stuart in varying capacities over the last 12 months and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him for any Technical Lead or Technical / Solutions Architect role.

Stuart takes a very practical, methodical, fact driven approach to tasks and has always had a positive attitude towards the copious challenges we have faced on the various projects we have worked together on.

I have learnt a huge amount from Stuart whilst working with him. It is rare to work with somebody that has such detailed knowledge across a wide range of areas, including testing, development and infrastructure. He has plenty of patience when explaining things and always makes the time to help and support us in the team and those outside of the team.

It goes without saying I would happily, and will actively attempt to, work with Stuart again.

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Call 07966 284577, and ask for Stuart.
Best time is 10am - 4pm UK time.

Billing and Payment Terms

We work strictly outside of IR35.

Time and Materials

We normally work for an hourly or (more commonly) daily rate. We'll agree the initial length of the engagement up-front.

Invoicing is monthly in arrears.

Fixed Price Projects

We can prepare quotes for fixed priced projects.

Invoicing is monthly in arrears or per delivery milestone, by agreement in advance.

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